Wednesday, December 17, 2008


In the poem"Here" by Philip Larkin he uses a lot of poetry terms to convey his attitude toward the places he describes. He goes into great detail describing the different places. He really gets his point across with the different terms he uses. He also use different techniques.

For the first stanza of the poem he uses pastoral because he is explaining country life. His attitude toward this place is a bad attitude. I think he is is talking about how people work outside in the fields and how they suffered. He also use image in this stanza because he goes into detail when he describes the place. Throughout the whole poem he uses figurative language because throughout the whole poems he uses images to describe the places he talks about. In the second stanza he talks about city life, I think his attitude toward this is he thinks that people in the city have it all, but in reality they don't. He thinks that all the worry about is the material things in life. He also use rhyme in this stanza.

In the third stanza he talks about urban life and how simple it is. He talks about the different places in urban neighborhoods and how the environment looks. In this stanza he has an internal rhyme and he also use imagery. In the last stanza of the poem I think he describes death. He says like after it all you end up in a lonely place where people forget about you like you no longer exist and all the things you love are out of reach. In this stanza he uses a sad tone because he is talking about death.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wrirtin Prompt #1

One of the strongest human drives is a desire of power. Some people in this world want to be in power or have controll over somethings. Then, there are those who want to free themselves from the power of people, expectually when the people in power are abusing their power, In the book 1984 by George Orwell, Winston Smith wanted to free himself from Big brother. In the story Big Brother was the one seeking to gain power over others. In this prompt I will discuss Winston's stuggle to free himself fom the power of Big Brother and how Big Brother gained power.

Winston Smith is the protagonist in the story, although he had many flaws in the story, he struggles with both internal and external conflicts. His external conflict is that he is being watched by Big Brother, which prevents him from having fun and thinking on his own. One day Winston believe he is fourtunate because their is a corner in his apartment hidden from the telescreen. here is where he begins his diary. Writing a diary is an act punishable by death. This is Winston's first act of breakin free of Big Brother's power.

Big Brother is more of a symbol than a character in the book it is not a person. One way big Brother gains control is putting telescreen is people's houses. A telescreen is a devuce that allows Big Brother to view and hear people twenty-four hours. Another way they gain control is through propaganda- information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spready widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation etc.

The author uses this power stuggle to enhance the meaning of the work so the theme would be better. Without the struggle the story would be boring and it wouldn't have that effect that it has now. The greatest books has strugggles because it makes the book more interseting.